Things at Miami are not going well for Mario Cristobal, and that includes the offensive performance of OC Josh Gattis.

After leaving Oregon for the Hurricanes, Cristobal made big waves when he landed Gattis to be his OC. According to 247 Sports analyst Josh Pate, many nationally praised the move as Cristobal “poaching” Gattis away from Jim Harbaugh.

However, Pate discussed the start to the 2022 season and indicated many people from the coaching community predicted a Gattis and Cristobal partnership would struggle. So far, that’s been the case.

“When Mario (Cristobal) hired Josh Gattis, I had some people call me up in the coaching community and tell me that moves not gonna out like people think it is… Another coach said Michigan will not be hurt at all by this,” explained Pate.

“A lot of what has been told to me has been proven true… Either Josh Gattis is one of the most hated dudes in coaching, or (other coaches) are just calling it like they see it.”

We’ll see how it works out in Miami. For the Wolverines, they have not missed a beat and have been electric on the offensive side of the ball to begin the 2022 season.

That offense of Michigan will be tested with a Week 5 trip to Kinnick Stadium.