Michigan football had Josh Gattis leave for the OC job at Miami following the 2021 season. However, Josh Pate of 247Sports believes that Michigan will be just fine under Matt Weiss and and Sherrone Moore.

Michigan will be using a tandem of offensive coordinators with Weiss and Moore at the helm. Pate is very excited about what the Wolverine offense is going to look like under those 2. 1 of the reasons why he thinks that is because of how they hired Gattis’ replacements.

“Harbaugh did not go outside for the replacement hire for Josh Gattis,” said Pate. “He promoted from within. Sherrone Moore is the offensive line coach and Weiss is the quarterback coach. They’ve got one of the best offenses in college football. It’s just that you’ve gotta throw the ball 50 times a game to get respect in this world.”

What it comes down to for Michigan is how deep the Wolverines are at each position on offense. Pate believes that Michigan could make it into the CFB Playoff once again if all goes right.

“This is the deepest and most talented I’ve ever seen Michigan in the modern era,” said Pate. “It’s gonna be a really good offense. I think a really consistent offense. If there’s that little yards per pass bump, yards per carry bump up this year, If they could do a little more. If they have that little extra bump up, I think they might be back there again.”