Aidan Hutchinson and the Detroit Lions suffered a tough loss on Sunday, falling to the Seattle Seahawks in overtime.

In the end, Seattle’s Geno Smith hit Tyler Lockett with a 6-yard touchdown pass on 3rd-and-2. That touchdown finished a 37-31 win for the Seahawks but was not without some controversy.

During his pass rush, Hutchinson began to get around the offensive tackle and had a bead on the quarterback. The offensive lineman appeared to hold Hutchinson briefly and just long enough for Smith to get outside of the pocket.

In the end, no flag was called on the play.

After the game, Hutchinson was asked about the play, but he wasn’t biting. He referenced not wanting to get hit with a fine in a colorful fashion and simply said the officials didn’t call anything.

“Yeah, I probably won’t speak on that because they’re going to go fine my ass, so it is what it is man,” said Hutchinson. “They didn’t call it.”

While it’s tough for fans to see a controversial play like that in crunch time, the Lions’ defense had some other struggles all game long. Detroit gave up almost 400 yards of offense and allowed Smith to complete 32-of-41 passes for 328 yards. Regardless of the no-call, the defense will need to improve — quickly — if the team wants to compete this season.