Detroit Lions’ DE Aidan Hutchinson had a stellar game on Sunday, racking up 3 sacks for a single-game rookie record for the Lions.

While the Lions took home the win against the Washington Commanders, there was more at play than just a game for Hutchinson. For the defensive end, it was about playing for Hudson Gazsi, a 5-year old that was recently diagnosed with cancer.

After the game, Hutchinson dedicated the game to Gazsi, per ESPN:

“This game is dedicated to Hudson, who is a kid who just got diagnosed with leukemia,” said Hutchinson. “He’s a big Lions fan, he’s from my area. I sent him a video before the game. He was cheering me on. I’m just happy to have good games to spread causes to kids like that. Just raise a lot of awareness for things like that.”

Gazsi, a huge Lions fan who has followed Hutchinson since his days at the University of Michigan, certainly got a big game from the DE. Hutchinson became the first rookie since 2002 and only the third in history to achieve a 3-sack game on Sunday.

Hutchinson will be back in action next Sunday as the Lions take on the Vikings.