Aidan Hutchinson has sky-high expectations after being selected No. 2 by the Detroit Lions in the 2022 NFL Draft. So far, the (very) early returns are that Hutchinson is right at home and looking strong heading into his rookie NFL season.

Veteran DL Michael Brockers was the most recent person to heap a lot of praise on the Wolverine pass-rusher. In an interview with Aaron Wilson of ProFootballNetwork, Brockers referred to Hutchinson as “a man on a mission.” Brockers went on to say Hutchinson “thinks ahead” and has jumped into rookie duties without waiting to be told what to do.

“He is a man on a mission,” said Brockers. “He does everything he’s supposed to do, you don’t even have to tell him. This is him doing a lot of his rookie duties. We didn’t even ask him, he just went on and did it. ‘What do you guys need for the room’ and stuff like that. This is a man who thinks ahead. You can respect a guy like that. He has a lot of respect in my book.”

Fans waiting to see Hutchinson back on the football field will have to wait another month. The Detroit Lions open their preseason slate on Aug. 12 against the Atlanta Falcons.