Aidan Hutchinson and the Detroit Lions are trying to find a way to fix a litany of defensive issues during their bye week.

Ranking last in several major categories, the Lions are focusing on points allowed, yards allowed and increasing their lack of sacks. The former Michigan defensive star is one of the key players that can fix the problem but so far this season he’s struggled to help.

Assistant coach Kelvin Sheppard has started to move Hutchinson from the edge to the linebacker spot at practice in the hopes that it’ll make an impact.

“We’re trying to put that player in position to have a bigger impact on the game,” said Sheppard per Mlive’s Kyle Meinke. “Now with doing that, you can’t just go off the rails and go outside schematically of what we’ve done, but we are doing (some new) things”

Hutchinson has had to contend with double teams and other methods to slow him down. He’s had issues in those situations, and by moving him around the staff hopes he can find himself in one-on-one more often.

In the 2022 season, Hutchinson has recorded 8 solo tackles and 3 sacks.