Ben Mason has only been with the Baltimore Ravens for a few weeks, but he might already be known as the hardest worker on the team. A recent report indicates the former Michigan fullback is putting it all on the line.

Saturday, Ryan Mink of reported that Mason didn’t practice during the day “because he worked so hard yesterday that he ‘tore the skin off the bottom of his feet.'” That…sounds painful.

It’s that kind of work ethic that resulted in Mason getting selected in this year’s NFL Draft, though.

Mason, who is listed as a tight end/fullback, was selected in the fifth round by the Ravens at No. 184. Throughout the process, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. regularly referred to Mason as the best true fullback in the class.

Obviously, with the fullback position becoming less and less relevant, there aren’t as many players who classify in that position. It’s also why Mason will also get work at tight end.

Mason probably hated having to miss practice on Saturday, but he has a pretty good excuse. A really painful one, too.