Amani Toomer still has some harsh words for Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Several weeks ago, Toomer bashed Harbaugh for an 0-3 record against Ohio State, a 1-2 record against Michigan State and the fact that the Wolverines haven’t truly competed for a B1G title. Essentially, the former Michigan receiver has called Harbaugh overrated.

Well, Toomer hasn’t budged from that position. On Thursday, Toomer joined Jamie and Stoney radio show on 97.1 the Ticket and backed up his statements. Again, he pointed to Michigan’s record against rivals while bashing the head coach.

“I know what he’s brought to the program — excitement,” Toomer said. “I just feel like I want to hold his feet to the fire, and I want to hold Michigan’s feet to the fire, because I just feel like we’re better than this. And it’s not like I want to dump him and I think he’s terrible. I don’t. I think he’s a good coach. But I think he needs to take his game to another level. What Harbaugh’s done in his first three years, it’s good. It’s not good enough.”

Harbaugh won 10 games in each of his first two seasons, followed by an 8-4 record in 2017. The Wolverines struggled particularly on offense and were blown out by Penn State early in the year.

“The fact that we’re getting beat by Ohio State three times, how come nobody’s saying anything about that?” Toomer said. “We get beat by Ohio State three times in his tenure, I don’t care how close we were last year, and you’re excited about that? As a Michigan person, I don’t know how you can…1-5…he’s only beat Michigan State once. How do you sit there and say that’s OK? How? Explain to me that.”

To be fair, Harbaugh has taken plenty of heat for his record in rivalry games, just mostly from the media and other fan bases. Toomer has been one of the few Michigan alums or fans to speak out against the head coach.

Michigan is expected to compete for the B1G and a College Football Playoff spot next year. It doesn’t sound like Toomer is convinced that will be the case.