Arkansas is still having trouble finding its replacement for the defunct Michigan series that was scheduled for 2018-19, according to

The Wolverines dropped Arkansas this summer — paying the university over $2 million for the series buyout — in favor for a renewing of a rivalry with Notre Dame. Arkansas would prefer to fill Michigan’s void with another Power 5 team, but doing so on this short of notice has been a challenge.

“The process, how’s it going?” Hogs athletic director Jeff Long said of replacing Michigan. “I’d say not very well.”

“It does leave us in a bind, and it’s a kind word to say we’re ‘struggling’ to fill that opening,” he continued. “Schedules are done so far in advance. There aren’t any Power 5 teams — or very few — that want to play us that are available.”

Long added that Arkansas officials have talked to around 30 or 40 schools about replacing Michigan.

“My staff and I are working on it,” he said. “There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t having a call trying to convince somebody to do something different. …It’s very late. We knew that when [Michigan] pulled out.”

The agreement between Michigan and Arkansas was originally signed in 2012.