There are only three spreads bigger in college football than the UCF-Michigan game.

The Wolverines are 35-point favorites to take care of a UCF team that was winless in 2015. The Knights did get in the win column in Week 1, and with Scott Frost at the helm, there are expectations that they’ll turn it around in due time.

Still, you’d be hard pressed to find someone predicting the massive upset in Ann Arbor on Saturday.

Well, there’s at least one writer betting on the Knights.

Athlon Sports’ J.P. Scott explained why he believes No. 5 Michigan will fall to lowly UCF:

UCF head coach Scott Frost knows how to win football games, literally at every level. His Knights pitched a shutout (albeit against an FCS school) in the season opener and looked like a very confident team in doing so. The difference in caliber of athletes between UCF and Michigan is probably not as big as the causal fan might assume. I like Central Florida’s underrated athleticism and depth on offense to keep the Michigan D on its heels all day. On the other side of the ball, don’t be shocked if that same athleticism limits Michigan’s big plays through the air and renders the Wolverines relatively one-dimensional. UCF is playing with house money, and the longer the Knights keep this one close, the more confident they’ll become on their way to the biggest upset of this young season.

So to recap, Scott said the Michigan defense will “be on its heels all day,” and the difference between UCF’s athletes and Michigan’s athletes “aren’t as big as the casual fan might assume.”

UCF, of course, is loaded with two and three-star recruits. Michigan, on the other hand, has almost all four and five-star recruits starting. The Wolverines are also coming off a 60-point victory against Hawaii last week.

If Michigan does pull an Appalachian State, Scott will get all the credit in the world.

But chances are, he just earned himself plenty of mentions from Michigan fans.