Gemon Green has reportedly hired an attorney after the fight that happened in the Michigan Stadium tunnel following the Michigan State game. The attorney released a statement on the situation per ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg.

According to reports, Green was hit in the face, back, and shoulders with a helmet after the game. It was reported that Green’s family would be pressing charges.

The attorney’s name representing Green is notable college athletics lawyer Tom Mars. According to Mars’ statement, Green suffered a concussion Saturday night and is seeking compensation and “severe consequences” for the Spartans responsible.

“When college football players brutally attack a member of the opposing team with their helmets, resulting in the player suffering a concussion and other injuries, an apology won’t suffice. There has to be severe consequences for this kind of misconduct. Not only does Gemon Green deserve to be compensated for his injuries. Severe consequences in this case will deter others who might think they can get away with brutally beating an opposing player. They are going to feel the full wrath of the law.”

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.