Nobody in the history of college football has ever won more games than Michigan.

For now, that’s something the Wolverines can claim above any other team in college football, including the one that just won its fourth national title in the last seven years.

But on Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman’s “The Audible” podcast on, the question came up. Can Michigan still claim that it’s the best program in the history of college football?

Feldman did his best to squash that notion.

“Sorry, I love your helmet, you’ve got a great fight song, it’s a cool place to see a game and everything…great academics,” Feldman said. “You’re not ready to be up against Alabama. Alabama has surpassed you, actually by a long way.”

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Feldman cited the fact that while Michigan has 11 claimed national titles, the program has just one shared title since 1950.

Alabama, he said, deserved more credit for what it did in the modern era of college football, specifically since 2009.

“Let’s be honest, one national title in 65 years doesn’t cut it,” Feldman said. “That means we’re basically talking about Army, Navy and some of the Ivy League schools in the discussion, and they’re not.”

Mandel then weighed in and said that Michigan isn’t even in the top two, and that Notre Dame is more worthy than Michigan against Alabama.

Feldman admitted he might’ve been a little harsh on Michigan. He and Mandel did rave about the recruiting job Jim Harbaugh has done for the 2016 class, and both said that he has the program back to looking like a traditional power.

Still, Feldman might’ve earned himself a few extra Twitter mentions by discrediting the Bo Schembechler era.