Blake Corum was one of the Michigan players who talked about the recent fight with Michigan State in the Michigan Stadium tunnel. The fight happened after the Wolverines won 29-7 and players were walking back to their locker rooms.

Corum gave his thoughts on what happened at Monday’s press conference. He has been in instances where trash talk was said between the teams, but it’s never actually resulted in a fight.

It was. You don’t like seeing those types of things. There has never been a fight in the tunnel. Obviously, teams have talked multiple times. We’ve been down. We’ve lost. Teams talk. There’s never ended up being a fight. It’s okay to talk trash and do that, but when you start doing other things, then it’s like, ‘Come on. Are we really doing this?’ I know as a man, I wouldn’t have felt good ganging up on a couple players. That’s not how I roll. But to each his own.

As a result of the fight, Mel Tucker has now suspended four Michigan State players. We’ll see if anymore updates come out about the incident.

(H/T 247Sports)