Blake Corum helped Jim Harbaugh go out on top at Michigan with a three consecutive Big Ten titles and a national championship. Both have left Ann Arbor, but Corum’s days of playing for Harbaugh might not be over.

With the 2024 NFL Draft coming up next month, sportsbooks are offering lots of options to bet on landing spots for the top prospects. As Suzanne Halliburton of On3 recently observed, there are betting odds available for which team will pick Corum in the draft.

Here are the top 5 landing spots, via odds at DraftKings:

  • Los Angeles Chargers: +150
  • Dallas Cowboys: +850
  • Baltimore Ravens: +1100
  • Green Bay Packers: +1100
  • New York Giants: +1200

The above odds make the Chargers the heavy favorites to draft Corum, with 3:2 odds. At +850, Dallas’ odds are 17:2.

The odds are clearly a reflection of the Harbaugh connection. As the Chargers assemble their first roster of the Harbaugh era, they have a notable opening at running back with Austin Ekeler on the market. Harbaugh and Corum had great success at U-M, perhaps the Chargers will want to tap into that magic.

Factors to consider if betting on Corum’s future

There are a lot of factors to consider before jumping on the Corum-Harbaugh reunion in Los Angeles just because it would be a fun storyline.

If LA drafts Corum because he played for Harbaugh, it will put pressure on all parties involved.

According to the NFL Mock Draft Database, Corum projects as a potential third-round pick. The Chargers are expected to prioritize wide receiver and cornerback with their earliest picks.

If the Chargers draft Corum in the second or third round, there will be questions if Harbaugh is playing favorites. It would be human nature for Harbaugh to potentially overrate Corum having coached him for four seasons.

Harbaugh is notably not the team’s general manager. As head coach, he will have input into who the Chargers choose to draft, but Joe Hortiz, a long-time scout, is calling the shots.

Corum would likely feel pressure to prove his worth as a pick. Corum, of course, would be the type to use any skepticism as motivation. Externally, Corum’s rookie season in LA would be under the microscope.

Bettors should also keep in mind just how hard it is to predict how the draft will play out. There’s often a consensus of which players will make up the first few picks, but there are regularly a handful of first-round surprises.

By Rounds 2-4, plenty of teams have had to adjust to players they hoped to take later being off the board earlier than expected. The reverse will also happen, and some teams will be unable to resist the opportunity to take a talented athlete who has fallen in the draft, even if they had planned on taking someone else.

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