Blake Corum could potentially be a Heisman Trophy winner at the end of the season. He also drew a huge shoutout from Barry Sanders recently on social media.

Check it below:

During that interview on “The Zach Gelb Show” last week, Corum discussed his Heisman chancer.

Corum, the 5-foot-8 RB, has been putting up the numbers this season for the Wolverines. A total of 17 touchdowns, 1,349 rushing yards and 5.9 average yards per rush attempt, make up his stats for 2022, and it’s growing each week.

Corum discussed that the Heisman Trophy is an honor and wants people to vote for him based on his skills on the field.

Go with your gut. I don’t like begging people to vote for me… You know I just say watch the film, watch my team (Michigan), look at the work we’re putting in. If I get invited to New York, it will be an honor. If I win, even more of an honor.

While on the show, Corum also mentioned who he admires playing the sport.

Not necessarily from growing up… but I watch Brian Dawkins before every game just the way he attacks the game. I like Marshawn Lynch love watching him, and I watch a lot of Barry Sanders on YouTube, I wish I was able to watch him growing up, I watch a ton of Barry Sanders’ (clips), I think he’s the best running back, ever.

It has yet to be announced who the finalists are for the esteemed Heisman Trophy but with Hall of Famer Sanders’ on Corum’s side, that is certainly a huge compliment.