Blake Corum gave Michigan fans quite a scare in the first half. Fortunately, it looks like he might be okay moving forward.

Corum was pivotal and off to an explosive start against Illinois. Unfortunately, he was dinged up with a hit to his left knee late in the half. Corum was immediately in pain and fumbled as he tried to grab his knee before he even hit the turf.

The star running back was eventually able to get up and walk gingerly to the locker room under his own power. While the wait for his status for the second half was an anxious one, it looks like he will give it a go.

According to sideline reporter Molly McGrath, Corum came out of halftime in uniform and went through normal warmups with the Wolverines for the second half. His x-rays were all clean and he is expected to give it a go.

Despite those reports, CJ Stokes joined Michigan’s offense for the first drive of the third quarter. After one play, Corum did join the Wolverines in the backfield.

Without Donovan Edwards available, having Corum is likely critical for the Wolverines. Nevertheless, Michigan will need to protect its star for even bigger games ahead, including against Ohio State next weekend.