Blake Corum is off and running in primetime action as Michigan looks to get past Bowling Green. The Wolverines do have an early turnover to account for, but Corum also found the end zone right away.

On the opening drive of the game, Corum carried most of the load as Michigan rolled 77 yards in just 4 plays. The big gainer of the drive was a 54-yard run by Corum, and the Wolverines looked to the star running back to finish things off.

The touchdown officially went for 4 yards and came just over 4 minutes into the game. It provided an early chance for the Wolverines to show off the brand-new LED light system within the Big House.

Michigan officially introduced the new hi-tech lights system ahead of the season but had two afternoon games prior to Week 3. Now in the first primetime game of the year, the Wolverines are showing off a bit, and fans will get their first look at the system throughout the game against Bowling Green.