Brad Robbins stole the show at one point in Michigan’s huge win over Colorado State. Despite a limited outing for Robbins and a big offensive showing, it was his mustache that caught fire on social media.

So, where did that mustache come from? Heading into Week 2, Robbins addressed the inspiration for his new look and pointed to increased attention for detail in 2022 (Via The Michigan Insider):

“Where this originated from: So, during the offseason, one of the things we all focused on as a team was really high attention to detail,” explained Robbins. “You guys are gonna think it’s kind of funny, me saying attention to detail. What does a mustache have to do with it, right?

“Really, a lot of us as people changed our routine and really tightened things down. And I’ll go back to a story with our team in the weight room: You bring a couple different shoes to each lift — squat shoes, tennis shoes, cleats. The way you set them up. Last year, we would set them up directly side by side, right? And that was good. That was last year; we won a Big Ten Championship.

“We’re trying to go from from here to here. …

“So I changed my routine. I got a clean-shaven face, left the mustache, kind of prided myself on being a guy who has high attention to detail. This is a mental cue for me. I have no choice. Last game, I had two reps at punting. I have to be perfect to do anything I can to help his team win.”

It is definitely an awesome look for Robbins. Hopefully, it also keeps him focused on his details while punting.