When the news broke that former Ole Miss Shea Patterson was transferring to Michigan, people began to immediately pencil him in as the Wolverines new starting quarterback.

Now, it is still unclear if Patterson will be eligible for the 2018 season. But if he is, Patterson will have to compete with former 4-star quarterback and current starter Brandon Peters for the job. And Peters doesn’t really care that the former Ole Miss gunslinger decided to come to Ann Arbor. He expects to stay as the starter for Michigan.

“I don’t really care,” Peters said to Brad Galli on the IMG radio network’s Inside Michigan Football program, about Patterson committing to Michigan. “It’s going to happen. At the NFL level, the college level, you’re going to bring guys in. That’s just how things happen. You can’t really get into your emotions too much, that’s going to bring you down. You just have to worry about what you can do. Just stay in the position that you want to be in. So you’ve just got to work. Can’t let anything affect you.”

Now, no matter who starts for the Wolverines going forward, it is clear that both quarterbacks have bright futures.