Bruce Feldman made an appearance on Saturday morning’s broadcast of “Big Noon Kickoff” for FOX. Feldman tackled the topic of the week during his broadcast which is the ongoing NCAA investigation into illicit sign-stealing allegations against Michigan under Jim Harbaugh.

According to the latest reports, the NCAA is already in Ann Arbor to review electronics and meet with the Wolverine coaching staff. Feldman reports the timeline of the investigation is the biggest unknown, but he does believe the NCAA is trying to move faster than the traditional pace it is known for.

“The timetable for this investigation is the big unknown. It seems like the NCAA is trying to move faster than the usual glacial pace that it typically operates at,” claimed Feldman. “Now the Big Ten does have leeway to impose discipline before the NCAA warps up its investigation.”


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As for the perception of the investigation, Feldman said he’s talked with more than 30 coaches in the country. The majority of those coaches find the presented evidence “damning” for Michigan.

“Over the past week, I’ve interviewed over 30 coaches around the country and almost all of them feel like, if indeed the information is accurate, this looks very damning for the Wolverines,” said Feldman.

He also cited one head coach who claimed Michigan should be punished for the “sheer stupidity” of the operation if the reported allegations hold true:

“A Group of 5 head coach told me yesterday that he is just baffled that they left such a paper trail in this,” said Feldman. “‘In some ways, they should be held accountable for just sheer stupidity.’ That’s how bad this all looks for the Wolverines right now.”