Michigan tight end Jake Butt became a Nebraska fan on Saturday night.

Needless to say, he was hoping for Michigan State to fall in the same fluky fashion that his team lost on. When Nebraska’s Brandon Reilly made the shocking catch of the year to stun unbeaten Michigan State, Butt fired off this tweet.

He later deleted it, but you can still see what he said.

As you can see from the play, Reilly was clearly out of bounds but officials did not rule it an illegal touch. Butt obviously enjoyed the fact that Michigan State finally didn’t get a break to go its way.

Now the interesting thing Butt tweeted was that now he’s an Ohio State fan. Michigan, of course, needs Ohio State to beat Michigan State to keep its B1G title hopes alive. Michigan would then need to turn around and beat the Buckeyes in the regular season finale.

Butt tried to cover himself with this follow up.

Stay crazy, B1G.