Arguably the two greatest players at their respective positions in NFL history both played for Lloyd Carr at Michigan.

On Thursday, Charles Woodson played in his final home game of his 18-year career. Tom Brady is still going strong at age 38, and is playing some of the best football of his hall of fame career.

But Brady’s career obviously didn’t have a hall of fame look at Michigan. He didn’t start until his junior season, in which he threw a mediocre 14 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions, but he did lead the Wolverines to a Citrus Bowl win.

Still, Brady platooned with Drew Henson as a senior before finally stealing the job in the second half of the season. Despite the fact that he was a sixth-round pick, Brady still became perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

So why didn’t he┬áhave the job outright? Carr answered that question on the Rich Eisen Show: