Are you a betting man or woman?

Well, if you are, CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm writes up a weekly column about which collegiate football teams you should put your money on. This week, one of his four bets to make is with the Wolverines.

Michigan is favored tomorrow by 38.5 points at home against Illinois. Here’s what Palm said about the perceived lopsided matchup:

“Both of these teams won at Rutgers in their respective most recent games,” Palm said. “Michigan won 78-0. They laid waste to the other two punching bags they have played. No reason to think Illinois will put up a much better fight at the Big House. Pick: Michigan (-38.5)

As Palm mentioned, Michigan can not only win games, but they can win them convincingly. Sometimes, by 78 points.

Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., we’ll find out whether or not the Wolverines will cover the massive spread. The game will be televised on Big Ten Network.