Desmond Howard understands Aidan Hutchinson’s frustrations. When the Michigan defensive end spoke with ESPN’s Marty Smith about the B1G’s decision to postpone the fall football season, he didn’t hold back when talking about commissioner Kevin Warren or University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel.

“I would say my emotions are just frustration. I’m just infuriated,” Hutchinson said on the show. “They made this decision without talking to us. The commissioner, our president — there were no words exchanged asking our thoughts on whether we wanna play. Because, at the end of the day, we’re the ones playing the game and they didn’t ask us for our opinion and it’s super frustrating to find out one day that our president voted for us not to have a season when I’ve never seen that guy in my three years here at Michigan. So, you know, it was definitely frustrating and felt kinda helpless because there’s nothing I can do and us players don’t have a voice.”

Hutchinson’s comments are similar to several players across the B1G. Not only were their seasons ripped away suddenly, it seems like there was very little input before the league’s presidents and the commissioner came to a final conclusion.

On ESPN’s College Football Live, Howard said he understands Hutchinson’s frustrations.

“He just echoed the feelings of everyone in the Big Ten, all of the players, all of the coaches,” Howard said Wednesday on College Football Live. “Of course the players want to play. Anybody who is in administration from coaches to athletic directors to commissioners, you can ask any of them and they will tell you all the players want to play. We were once young and we thought we could conquer the world. Nothing could affect us. If you took a poll with the players, of course about 90 percent of them would say ‘yes.’

“Don’t forget that there were players before these announcements were made that opted out of the season. There are still players right now in the SEC who have opted out of playing. You wouldn’t have gotten 100 percent across the board because there are some guys who understand the risks that are involved. For guys like Aidan Hutchinson, I completely understand. That’s why Justin Fields has that position, has over 200,000 signatures. Well done, young man. I understand their frustration. It’s great to be young, but that’s why the adults are in the position they’re in to make the tough decisions, to try to protect these young men.”

The B1G confirmed its decision on Wednesday night, sending out a two-page letter for everyone to see. In that letter, Warren said the conference’s decision is final.