Michigan did not end the season on a high note, but at least one person still sees the potential for the Wolverines moving forward.

Wolverines legend Charles Woodson analyzed the 41-15 Peach Bowl loss following the game, and he was understandably frustrated with parts of the performance. According to Austin Nivison with 247 Sports, Woodson hammered on Michigan’s lack of execution in “the little things.” Lack of communication, tackling, and situational football were some of the issues that particularly irked Woodson.

While he was understandably critical of the performance, Woodson still highlighted some things that impressed him. He believes Donovan Peoples-Jones and Nick Eubanks are two players that could be stars on the offensive side of the ball.

However, it is up to those guys to set the example with the Wolverines:

“I do think that we have some good young players that can contribute to this program in the future,” Woodson said. “I love Donovan Peoples-Jones. I think he’s a guy that they could utilize a little bit more as far as big plays are concerned. Eubanks, the young tight end, I feel like they could utilize more…My message to them was, as young leaders on the team, those guys have to demand greatness. They’ve got to demand greatness out of themselves, out of their teammates, and out of the coaches as well. You’re allowed to take ownership of your legacy here at the University of Michigan. I see some positives, and I know we’ll get better.”

Hopefully the Wolverines can finally take a step forward under Jim Harbaugh in 2019. For now, another 10-3 season is small consolation for fans.