Michigan and Ohio State have plenty of differences, but when it comes to “The Game,” both sides can agree that it’s the best rivalry in college football.

While meeting with the media on National Signing Day, new Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields was asked what he thought about the new rivalry with Michigan and how he’s experienced it in just his short time in Columbus. He admits that it’s even bigger than he anticipated.

“I definitely knew it was a big rivalry, but coming here and actually seeing all the Ms crossed out, it’s definitely way bigger than I thought it would be,” Fields said, according to The Detroit News. “I’ll definitely be excited for that upcoming game.”

Fields has also had some discussion with current Buckeyes who have played in the rivalry, and the information he was given wasn’t meant to be heard by the media.

“That’s kind of private, but just know there’s a lot of hate for That Team Up North,” Fields said.

Even after those comments, former Michigan star Charles Woodson is still on board with everything the new Ohio State quarterback said. He loved the fact that everyone takes the rivalry game seriously.

‘This is what I’m talking about,” Woodson said of Fields’ comments in a Twitter post. “Come in witness crossed out M’s and immediately understand what the rivalry is all about, its importance, and embrace it.”

The rivalry hasn’t gone the way of the Wolverines for the past seven years, as the Buckeyes were a perfect 7-0 under Urban Meyer. They’ve also dominated the series for the better part of two decades.

Still, the one-sided affair hasn’t diminished the hatred the two teams have for each other or decreased the popularity of the annual matchup. It’s still the greatest rivalry in sports.

Woodson and Fields seem to agree on that one already.