Former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson is doing his best to rile up Wolverines fans for this year’s Ohio State rivalry game.

Last month, Woodson guaranteed a win over Ohio State this year.

“I talked about Desmond and myself running down that sideline to victory against you know who, and you know what, you guys haven’t experienced that feeling very much against that school,” Woodson said. “It hurts my heart, it really does.

“But I’m telling you here today, 212 days from now, your Michigan Wolverines team will go down to Columbus, march into that stadium and we will beat you know who to bring back that familiar feeling of victory back to The University of Michigan again,” he said.

On Saturday, Woodson said he doesn’t think Michigan emphasizes the rivalry game enough.

“To be quite honest I really feel like over the years, in recent years, there hasn’t been the emphasis that I’m used to being put on that game,” Woodson said, via

“Every game has been out on the same level of that game and that’s not the way we were brought up, that’s not the way we were raised around here. And we had no shame in saying it.”

Michigan has the overall series lead 58-49-6, but the Buckeyes have won 13 of the last 14 games.