Whether you like Chase Winovich or hate him, you have to admit that he is a fun-loving guy. He has a good heart and isn’t afraid to express his emotions.

On Sunday, Winovich and the New England Patriots are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. It will be a great game to watch. What will be great to see, as well, are Winovich’s cleats.


Winovich dominated at Michigan before going to the NFL, and during his time in Ann Arbor, he built a bond with an amazing person: Larry Prout. Prout wasn’t a player. He wasn’t a coach.

Prout is a part of Team IMPACT, which is an organization that matches kids living with illnesses or disabilities to a collegiate campus. Prout is a Wolverine.

Prout was diagnosed with spina bifida and has had more than 100 surgeries. Against the Chiefs, Winovich will be wearing special cleats honoring Prout.

A photo of the cleats can be found here, at patriots.com.

“His friendship has meant a lot to me. It’s provided a lot of inspiration for myself and I hope have reciprocated those feelings back to him. He’s just an awesome guy. He’s so brave. His family is so amazing, their dedication,” Winovich said.

“It’s been a lifelong battle [for him]. They pair them with college or a professional team and really give them an opportunity to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. It also gives a platform for whatever illness or things they’re battling to raise awareness for that. It provides a sense of belonging, and it’s something special because you can take it for granted. Sports have always provided that for me, and to give that same feeling back to the universe and to a great person like Larry and his family, it’s been really special for me. To represent such a great organization, it’s great.”

Below is a photo of Winovich and Prout from Winovich’s Instagram:


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Again, love Winovich or hate Winovich, the man has a good heart. This is awesome.