Reporters were running thin on football-related questions near the end of the Peach Bowl press conference with Dan Mullen and Jim Harbaugh on Friday morning. So, why not throw out a few light-hearted questions to the two head coaches?

One reporter wanted to jump into each coach’s style, asking how the Jordan brand has affected their fashion sense. Both Florida and Michigan, of course, sport the Jump Man brand.

That question led to a pretty funny back-and-forth between Mullen and Harbaugh. Below, you can see the exchange between the two head coaches.

While football questions are always great, this might’ve been the most important question of the morning. It certainly led to the most entertaining responses of the day.

It doesn’t sound like Mullen shares the same fashion sense as Harbaugh, and probably doesn’t want to. The Michigan head coach’s famous sweatshirt and khakis look certainly doesn’t work for everyone.

Mullen and Harbaugh will go head-to-head on Saturday in the Peach Bowl. Though it will be the third time Florida and Michigan have squared off in the last four seasons, this will be the first time Mullen has faced the Wolverines.