Anyone who tunes into Colin Cowherd’s show on FOX Sports pretty much knows he’s a really big fan of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. At times, he acts as if he’s been hired to be the personal cheerleader for the Wolverines’ head coach.

But on Saturday afternoon, Cowherd had a pretty bizarre statement on Harbaugh — even for his standards. It almost seems like he’s going to extreme lengths to defend the fifth-year head coach in Ann Arbor.

Michigan was in a fight with Army on Saturday, needing overtime to post a 24-21 win over the Black Knights in Ann Arbor. it was ugly, sloppy and nothing like what we expected this UM squad to look like. And still, Cowherd defended Harbaugh in a strange way.

“Michigan wins,” Cowherd wrote. “One of the thing I really like about Harbaugh. He teases lesser teams. Makes them feel like they have a chance. Then he pulls it out really late in the game. The great ones can do that. More later.”

Yeah, we’ll definitely need to hear about that “more later” part.

It’s fine that Cowherd defends Harbaugh — a coach who is often overly criticized. But to say he teases lesser teams after watching that game yesterday? That’s not a great take. Everyone involved with that game wearing the maize and blue, including Harbaugh, was sweating profusely with the outcome in question.

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Maybe Cowherd is joking with us and he’s planning to rip Harbaugh on his Monday show. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. As it stands now, though, that’s just a really weird thing to say after that game.