Colin Cowherd is leaning towards Michigan in The Game this year.

The Fox Sports analyst broke down why he gives an edge to the Wolverines over the Buckeyes this year on The Herd. He believes that Michigan is in Ohio State’s head after beating it the past 2 seasons.

“Harbaugh is completely in Ohio State’s head,” Cowherd said. “‘He is only winning doing it with cheating, advance scouting.’ Nah, bro, that’s not it.”

What the game has come down to in recent years is the run game. Cowherd pointed to why Michigan’s dominant run game this season will be a big factor.

“Ohio State’s run game is 8th in the Big Ten. Not the country, it’s 8th in the Big Ten,” Cowherd said. “Michigan has one of the nation’s best run games. No. 2 in Power 5 touchdowns. Why does that matter? The last 21 times Michigan and Ohio State have played, the team that rushed for more yards won, 21-0.”

Ultimately, Cowherd believes Michigan is the more physical team, and that’s what will help win The Game for the Wolverines.

“Ohio State’s gotten fancy, Michigan’s gotten more physical,” Cowherd said. “Ohio State’s gotten faster, Michigan’s gotten more physical. Ohio State thinks its cheating. Michigan’s gotten more physical. That’s it.”