Chase Winovich has great hair.

Michigan fans know this of course, since Winovich spent the last four years in Ann Arbor. Heck, every Big Ten fan knows about Winovich’s hair, and he didn’t even play for 13 of the 14 B1G teams.

After his time at Michigan, Winovich moved onto the NFL because he is a good football player — not because of his hair. However, his hair is still a part of him. It is a part of who he is.

On Tuesday, after a Patriots practice, Winovich talked about his hair:

What may be eye-raising here is that Winovich “hopes to keep it.” Really? He only hopes to?

Winovich mentioned that the veterans on the team may tell him to cut it. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this.

Back in July, it came out that Tom Brady — another Michigan man — offered to cut Winovich’s hair. You can even date back to April, when the Patriots drafted Winovich.

Patriots director of player personnel talked about not just Winovich, but cutting his hair, too:

Winovich may have short hair sooner than later.

And that, folks, is just a weird thought.