It’s one thing to believe in a head coach of your favorite team. It’s another to name your child after that coach.

One Michigan couple went to that length.

Harbaugh tweeted out a picture of Harbaugh Lee Fettig, who was indeed named after him:

Two Michigan fans, Gregg and Lani Fettig, are raising the now seven-month-old baby as “Harbaugh.” This isn’t just some Harbaugh publicity stunt, either. The St. Ignace News reported the baby’s birth.

Harbaugh certainly¬†isn’t the first football coach to have a baby named after him. Lord knows there are probably a few baby Belichicks in Boston or a few baby Sabans in Alabama.

Hopefully nobody in Ann Arbor got stuck with the first name,¬†“Hoke.” Or even worse, “RichRod.”