Jake Rudock had his best game in a Michigan uniform on Saturday when the Wolverines dismantled No. 22 BYU.

Why did that happen, according to Colin Cowherd? Coaching.

The same guy that was part of the clunker heard ’round the world gave Jim Harbaugh some high praise for his roll in rebuilding Rudock after his early-season struggles.

“That Michigan team…those are the same players Brady Hoke couldn’t beat anyone with,” Cowherd said. “If you watch Michigan this morning, if you just wake up, they’re 3-1, they play with a purpose. You can watch the game and go, ‘Ohhh. You can see what they’re trying to do.’

“When you watch a football game, you get a sense of purpose. Jim Harbaugh has taken a quarterback, who I saw play live a month ago at Utah, in Jake Rudock and he looked tentative, he didn’t look confident. And a month later, no mistakes, he doesn’t turn the ball over, knows what he’s doing, kinda clever, made a couple big throws…folks that’s coaching.”

The Wolverines earned their first spot in the Associated Press poll in two years on Sunday. No. 22 Michigan will look to continue its rise when it opens the B1G schedule on Saturday at Maryland.