A week ago, Jim Harbaugh surprised everyone by rocking the Woody Hayes glasses.

That wasn’t some reach for a comparison, either. Harbaugh admitted he was going for the former Ohio State coach’s signature style.

On Saturday, there might have been some more rivals dressing like one another.

Lost in the shuffle of Saturday’s battle in East Lansing was Mark Dantonio’s style. Dantonio, some might have noticed, was wearing a Michigan State pullover, which was basically the MSU version of Harbaugh’s classic Michigan pullover.

Former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner certainly noticed. He called Dantonio out for picking Saturday to try out the new look:

Gardner has a point. If Dantonio has rocked that look before, it hasn’t been on a Saturday. If Dantonio had rocked the MSU hat, too, then it certainly would’ve raised a few eyebrows.

It’s a bit ironic because Dantonio and Harbaugh obviously have different styles of coaching, both of which have proven to be successful.

Was it just a coincidence that Dantonio went with that look on Saturday? That we don’t know.

As Gardner pointed out, both have earned the right to wear whatever they want on the sidelines: