Dave Wannstedt is out with his projection for the B1G East coming out of spring practice, and on the Big Ten Network he revealed a favorite.

“Michigan, it’s gotta be,” Wannstedt said. “Why? Because of quarterback, JJ McCarthy. He’s the one guy that’s solid. Whenever you have your quarterback back, not only does it do a lot for your offense, but does a lot for your team. Right now Michigan, they’ve got the momentum.”

Wannstedt then shared a Don Shula story from the peak of his Miami Dolphins success, and said it’s tougher to stay on top of the mountain than it is to climb it.

“Right now Michigan’s on top, they’ve climbed the mountain, now they’ve gotta find a way to stay,” he said.

Jim Harbaugh agrees with Wannstedt, and shared that optimism at a pre-spring game pep rally.

“As we sit here April 1, 2023, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best team, but it’s the best version of a Michigan football team on April 1, 2023, that we’ve ever had,” Harbaugh said. “A great roster, players, tremendous coaches all pulling in the same direction. That doesn’t mean we’re not gonna have a letdown as the months go on, but this is the best version of football I’ve seen since I’ve been here the last 8 years.”