Desmond Howard continues to advocate for his alma mater as Michigan continues to be investigated for allegedly conducting in-person scouting and sign-stealing tactics.

ESPN’s Heather Dinich is reporting that the Big Ten will issue their response to Michigan early this afternoon and that the conference is mulling over several punishments.

Howard, a former Heisman Trophy winner and current ESPN analyst, continues to admonish the Big Ten and opposing programs.

“Greeny, I’ve been watching your show and there’s been just so much reckless speech on your show about this situation. I don’t even know where to begin,” Howard said. “First, this thing has been a rush to judgement on scant information and you have a rookie commissioner who seems to have been put in a position where he’s almost being bullied by coaches and ADs who have like a competitive agenda so to speak.”

Howard then goes on to debunk what he believes to be a myth regarding competitive advantage, particular for games against Ohio State.

“Now here we are with this going on with Michigan playing Penn State. And people talking about they had a competitive advantage. They’re trying to link to what happened in ’21 and ’22,” Howard said. “Let me give you a rundown, the guys in the studio know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Howard lists the halftime scores as his evidence.

“So Michigan played Ohio State in ’21, the score at halftime was 13-14 Michigan. The final score was 27-42 Michigan. If you had some sort of competitive advantage, it would have shown up in the first half. The guys on the set know exactly what I’m talking about,” Howard said. “Last year, halftime score 17-20, Ohio State. The final score, 45-23 Michigan.”

Howard cites the staff additions by Jim Harbaugh as elevating the in-game adjustments.

“What Jim Harbaugh did in ’21, he hired Mike Macdonald, defensive coordinator. He came from the NFL, he came from the Baltimore Ravens. He brought NFL concepts to Michigan,” Howard said. “Mike Macdonald left and became the DC in Baltimore, then he hired Jesse Minter. Jesse Minter also has an NFL background.”

Howard believes that Michigan is being unfairly treated when in reality he thinks that strategic changes made the difference.

“I told you those scores at halftime Greeny because the guys on the set would tell you, great coaches, they make great in-game adjustments,” Howard said. “So that tells you at halftime, one coaching staff made some adjustments, the other coaching staff probably didn’t.”