Desmond Howard is fed up with the Big Ten coaches who he deems are being hypocritical pertaining to the investigation into Michigan allegedly conducting in-person scouting and sign-stealing tactics.

The former Michigan standout and current ESPN analyst recently used his platform on Get Up to scold the Big Ten coaches who are demanding the conference’s commissioner to immediately reprimand the Wolverines.

“It’s still an allegation and there’s information coming out every week. I listen to a broadcast yesterday that said the coaches wanted the commissioner of the Big Ten to take immediate action, and they wondered what he was waiting for,” Howard said.

Howard wondered out loud how these Big Ten coaches would feel if their program was in the middle of being investigated.

“And then my question was, well, if this was your program that these charges were made against, these allegations were made against, would you want the commissioner to skip due process and let the NCAA do their job, or would you want to give your program a chance to go through all the information, all of the facts, and then defend themselves,” Howard said.

Howard is baffled by the response from other programs in the Big Ten.

“So, I don’t understand the rush to judgement by some of the coaches in the conference because if the tables were turned, they would never want anybody to rush to judgement as far as the commissioner of the conference and punish them until everything was out there on the table,” Howard said.

Meanwhile, Howard is curious how Michigan will handle the outside noise the rest of the season.

“It was the week of the Michigan State game, so it came out maybe that Wednesday, so I was like, let’s see if this derails the team. They went out there, handled their business in East Lansing as if it didn’t affect them,” Howard said. “But now, after that game, they went through a bye week. To me as a player, a former player, it’s much easier to avoid distractions when you’re in a constant routine.”

With Michigan coming off a bye week as they get set to host Purdue on Saturday, Howard explains the mentality in those situations.

“You’re going to practice, you’re going to practice, you’re going to meetings, blah, blah, blah. But when you have an open week, a bye week, and now you may be on your phone a little more, you may pay a little more attention to TV, or you may just be accessible to other people that you’re not normally accessible when you’re going through your routine,” Howard said.

Howard believes the resolve of the Wolverines will be on full display on Saturday night.

“Now I want to see if it has trickled in,” Howard said. “Now the reports I’m getting out of Ann Arbor is that no, these young men understand and they know the mission, and we’re going to find out tomorrow night when they play Purdue if the mission is still moving forward.”