Desmond Howard made a few headlines last week when he predicted that Texas A&M, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and  Baylor would make the College Football Playoff. Howard tried to explain some of his predictions starting with Michigan after getting grilled by Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“A year ago today, had I picked Michigan to go to the College Football Playoff, everyone would’ve reacted the same exact way,” explained Howard. “Every once in a while, someone must think out of the box, they must be independent of thought… so sometimes, think outside the box, and you may be surprised at the big dividends it pays off.”

Stephen A. Smith, who picked Alabama to win it all, thought Howard had lost his mind…again.

“Are you ok? Is there something you need to tell us about your health?” Stephen A. said. “Is something wrong with you making those damn picks?”

Michigan might be the most likely team to make it to the College Football Playoff out of the four teams Howard named but the biggest hurdle is still going to be No. 2 Ohio State who is picked to not only win the B1G but to make it to the College Football Playoff.

Howard could be right in the end, but it’s a long way until December.