Michigan linebacker Jordan Glasgow is known to be good at what he does.

But on Monday, Wolverines defensive coordinator got asked a question about Glasgow to close out his time with the media. Brown wanted to talk about the fifth-year senior, and it showed:

“He’s a junkie,” Brown said. “He might be one of the funnest guys in the world to coach because he loves it, he eats it, he drinks it, and he backs it up because he’ll smash everybody that moves. I’ll say this, and I’ll be criticized: This guy might be one of the best players in the Big Ten. Watch him run and hit people. Just watch him play.”

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Glasgow, over the first two weeks of the season, has piled up 17 tackles and two sacks. Not bad for a former walk-on.

Glasgow and Michigan will have a bye in Week 3, but will travel to Madison, Wis. to take on the Wisconsin Badgers on Sept. 21.