Donovan Edwards isn’t worried about the chatter surrounding Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and a potential return to the NFL. Despite the reports that Harbaugh has interviewed with the Denver Broncos and is a top candidate for the job, Edwards is confident the head coach will be back in Ann Arbor for 2023.

“He already put on social media that he’s coming back. I don’t know, what more do people want from him?” said Edwards per Alejandro Zuniga with The Michigan Insider.

“[Harbaugh] already told us before we played TCU that he was coming back. I know he’s a man of his word. He’s been a man of his word since my recruitment. I don’t know what more people need to hear. It’s not us as a team that doesn’t think he’s coming back — it’s the outside noise that don’t think he’s coming back. We know he’s coming back.”

To Edwards’ credit, Harbaugh has tried to downplay rumors connecting him to NFL vacancies this offseason. However, it’s also true Harbaugh has used carefully worded language in his social media announcements, always leaving open the idea that the future is uncertain.

While it sounds like Edwards and the rest of the Wolverines fully expect Harbaugh back in 2023, the team is already in a good position due to the number of returning pieces on both sides of the ball.