Donovan Edwards had an efficient outing as a part of Michigan’s clutch road win over Penn State. Throughout the game, Edwards’ traditional burst was on display, including a crucial second-quarter touchdown.

That run to give the Wolverines a 14-3 advantage went for 22 yards on a 3rd-and-11 play. Instead of getting held to a field goal, Edwards made a beautiful move in the hole and exploded to the goal line.

While meeting with the media on Tuesday, Edwards was asked about his thoughts leading up to the snap. He admitted he locked eyes and traded smiles with one of Penn State’s defenders before the play.

In the end, it delivered a “Michael Jordan moment” for Edwards:

“It was a timeout, right? Something like that, a media timeout, blah blah blah. We need to cut those out, they make the game go too long… But, you know coach Hart’s like ‘Get the first down.’ Alright, just let me play ball,” said Edwards. “But then, me and another defender, we’re locking eyes. I’m smiling at him, he’s smiling at me for like 10 seconds. Make the play, get a touchdown. My little Michael Jordan moment right there.”

Edwards was asked a follow-up question to clarify that he was indeed smiling at a Nittany Lions defender who was smiling back at him.

“That’s right,” said Edwards while explaining he wasn’t worried about giving away the call. “I don’t care.”

In the end, it did work out alright and Edwards finished with 52 rushing yards on 10 carries. Now, Michigan is 10-0 and looking to keep things going against Maryland.

(H/T The Wolverine)