A few days after Michigan narrowly escaped an upset against Army on Saturday, the conversation is still swirling around the offense in Ann Arbor. Despite all the talk about a revamped scheme, the Wolverines haven’t been too impressive with Josh Gattis calling the shots.

While there is certainly some concerning things to talk about through two weeks, Urban Meyer actually has some legitimate advice for Michigan: don’t panic.

Following Michigan’s 24-21 overtime win over Army, Meyer assessed what he saw from Ann Arbor on Saturday during FOX’s studio show. He was equal parts critical and understanding of the new offense.

“We said preseason that when you install a new offense – when I’ve ever taken a job and you put something in – it’s a five- to six-week period where everybody is getting used to each other, what’s the quarterback’s comfort, what’s the skillset of the people you’re playing with,” Meyer said. “So it’s absolutely the right time to evaluate the offense and I think there has to be some hard conversations. What’s your top three, four or five runs? And that’s it, get great at them. What’s your top three, four or five passes? Get great at them.

“And that’s the luxury that you have. I know it’s hard that they didn’t play well, they haven’t really played well for two weeks on offense. They haven’t had the explosive plays that you thought they would have. Don’t panic. Keep going. You made a commitment to the spread offense. You can’t turn back now. You have to or the players will look at you like you’re out of your mind. You keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing, but you have to identify what they do well.”

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So far, Michigan’s offense really hasn’t done too much well. Hanging on to the football has been an issue and the offensive line — which was supposed to be the best in the B1G — has been suspect through two games.

But, as Meyer said, it’s still early in the season. And, after two games, Michigan gets the benefit of an off week to re-evaluate its situation before a colossal B1G showdown against Wisconsin in a few weeks.

Michigan’s offense has to look better in that game, otherwise, it’s B1G hopes are going to take a shot against a much better Wisconsin team.