Doug Karsch pulled a classy gesture on Saturday at the end of The Game. Karsch handed over the call to his predecessor and former co-worker, Jim Brandstatter.

Brandstatter called Michigan games from 1979-2021 for the Michigan Sports Network.

Karsch was the sideline reporter when Brandstatter was the play-by-play announcer for the Wolverines. Brandstatter took the headset and called the final play of the game, which was a kneel by J.J. McCarthy.

Brandstatter not only called Michigan games but also starred for the Wolverines as an offensive tackle from 1969-1971. Brandstatter was part of 2 Rose Bowl teams at Michigan and earned All-Big Ten honors in 1971.

The Wolverines won their 3rd-straight game against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday. The Buckeyes were trailing 30-24 in the 4th but were driving to try and win the game late. Kyle McCord was picked off by Rod Moore, however, sealing the game for the Wolverines.

With the win, the Wolverines improved to 12-0 and will now face the Iowa Hawkeyes for the B1G Championship. The Buckeyes fall to 11-1 with the loss and could be left out of a tight College Football Playoff race.