Dr. Chris Hutchinson, an emergency room doctor, former Michigan All-American football player and father of current Wolverine defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson, is questioning why the B1G “pulled the plug” on playing football this fall. He provided a candid interview while speaking on 97.1 The Ticket’s The Morning Show with Stoney.

Hutchinson was surprised by the B1G’s decision on Tuesday, believing it was too early to call off football for the fall, especially with the flexibility that was built into the season. He believes still had time before making such a drastic move.

Additionally, Hutchinson said that there was no new information that has come out within the last week that would’ve influenced the conference’s decision.

“There was no more information out than when they decided to release the schedule. That’s the puzzling part. You announced the schedule, you’re moving forward, why did you pull the plug?” Hutchinson said. “There was more information coming out, you could see how they interacted, it doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Hutchinson believes that the B1G’s decision was more based on potential legal issues that could arise more than the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why, in his opinion, the conference backed off.

“I don’t believe that the decision they made was primarily based on player safety. I firmly believe that risk tolerance was the bigger issue,” he said. “Not risk of getting student-athletes sick, but the risk of being sued. Let’s be honest here. … Because there was no additional information out. They just got together and realized that they might be sued by someone who has long-term complications. That’s my personal belief. Because from a medical standpoint, that decision was not ready to be made yet.”

After the B1G made its decision, it said it would look at moving football to the spring. But Hutchinson doesn’t believe that’s really a viable option.

While there are ways it can be done, Hutchinson said the B1G is essentially “kicking the can down the road.” He doesn’t believe much will change by February.

“I don’t believe anything significant is going to change by February. They’re going to get to the same point in February and say, ‘Yeah, we’re not comfortable with where we’re at,'” Hutchinson said. “There’s two things that could change. One, I’m hopeful that California, Florida, Texas and the like are going to have things under better control, but we don’t have any teams in our conference there. Two, people are going to be more tolerant of the situation, more comfortable with the fact that we already canceled this once and we need to get back to sports.”

Hutchinson provided thoughts on a number of other topics, as well. You can hear more of his discussion on 97.1 The Ticket here.