Chris Evans isn’t a name discussed much when talking about some of the premier running backs available in the 2021 NFL Draft. He’s been a player who has flown under the radar for most of his college career.

ESPN’s Todd McShay has spotted him, though. The draft analyst believes that Evans has the ability to be a starting running back in the NFL, despite the lack of attention.

“Chris Evans is kind of the lost player,” McShay said during ESPN’s First Draft podcast. “He’s been through a lot in his life. He’s tough. He’s physical. They can detach him. He can go catch the ball. When he plays and when he’s at 100% I think he’s the type  of guy who can be a starting running back or at least in a rotation in the NFL.”

Following the 2020 season, Evans decalred for the 2021 NFL Draft, forgoing his final year of eligibility at Michigan.

Evans didn’t play a lot for the Wolverines this season as he only had 16 carries for 73 yards and a touchdown. The lone touchdown came in Michigan’s opening game of the season against Minnesota, which was a 49-24 win.

In 2019, Evans was not a member of the team.

During his career at Michigan, Evans rushed for 1,795 yards and 15 touchdowns while adding 479 yards and 2 touchdowns on 49 receptions. His most productive year came in 2017, when he had 685 rushing yards, 157 receiving yards and scored 7 touchdowns.