Michigan is coming off a big win over Notre Dame, and offensive line coach Ed Warinner took time recently to discuss a group of players that is not necessarily seeing a lot of playing time this year.

When it comes to playing early, the offensive line is sometimes one of the hardest position groups to breakthrough for a young player. That is still the case with the Wolverines, but that doesn’t take away from the potential among that group.

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On Wednesday, Warinner was asked about the freshman class of offensive linemen, and he claimed he sees some special things in store for the group. He commented on the talent in the group while indicating some will have a really big impact as soon as 2020.

Josh Henschke with the Michigan Insider shared Warinner’s comments:

“I love that class, that class is really good. Really talented, all of them are going to be successful here,” said Warinner. “Different timelines they’re on. Some will be real impactful next year, maybe the others the year after that. To me, linemen are at their best their fourth or fifth year, because it takes a while to develop, at this level, the strength and the skills. For a lineman to playhis first year or second year in college is very rare. They’re all coming these young guys. Barnhart and Keegan are really doing well. Carpenter is doing well. Those three guys. The others are doing well, too. Those are probably the three that are most ahead right now.”

Some of the highlights from that class are Trente Jones, Nolan Rumler, Trevor Keegan, and Karsen Barnhart. Those four linemen graded out as four-star prospects, according to 247 Sports.

Hopefully, they continue to develop and pay off for the Wolverines.