ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky joined the ‘Pat McAfee Show’ on Friday. He made some changes to the Top 10 Madden 23 QB ratings list, including where former Michigan Tom Brady was on it.

Brady had highest rating in the game at 97 overall. He was followed by Aaron Rodgers (96), Patrick Mahomes (95), Josh Allen (92), Joe Burrow (90), Dak Prescott (89), Justin Herbert (88), Russell Wilson (87), Lamar Jackson (87), and Matthew Stafford (85).

Orlovsky quickly announced how he would change the list after reading it off. This is where he would put Brady:

“I think first of all I would put Rodgers at 1 and Brady at 2,” said Orlovsky. “That’s splitting hairs, though. I obviously would not have Dak in the Top 10. I’d have Herbert at 6, Stafford at 7, Lamar at 8, Russell 9, and then 10 would have to be Deshaun Watson when on the field.