Gonzaga and Baylor have dominated this college basketball season, but ESPN’s Jay Bilas doesn’t think they are unbeatable.

Illinois and Michigan are amongst the teams that Bilas says could take down either of those undefeated teams this March.

“I don’t know where we got this idea that somehow Baylor and Gonzaga are unbeatable,” Bilas said on ESPN’s College GameDay, via 247Sports. “They’ve been the best teams, and they’ve been the most consistent, and they have separated. But have we forgotten all about history here? I mean, 2015—are we saying Gonzaga and Baylor are better than Kentucky was in 2015 and therefore cannot be beaten in the tournament? I don’t buy that for one second.

“They can be beaten, I agree with both Seth (Greenberg) and Phonz (LaPhonso Ellis), they can be beaten by a number of teams. And Illinois can beat them. Michigan can beat them.”

Barring a losing streak for either team, Gonzaga and Baylor will be the top overall seeds this March and will be set on a collision course for the National Championship. Not only are they best teams in basketball this year according to KenPom, but they’re two of the best teams in recent memory.

Gonzaga’s current 38.35 rating is well above even 2015 Kentucky (36.91) — the current gold standard for a modern regular season college basketball team.

Still, Bilas believes in both Illinois and Michigan enough to say they have a chance to challenge those top two teams. Alongside Ohio State, the Illini and Wolverines have a chance at being No. 1 seeds.

Illinois, Michigan and Ohio State each play eachother before the end of the regular season. There’s also the Big Ten Tournament, which is set for March 10.

Selection Sunday is on March 14.