ESPN’s Matt Barrie sat down with Paul Finebaum on the latest “Matt Barrie Show” episode to break down a number of Week 1 storylines in college football. That show included a segment on Michigan, particularly the vibe around the stadium as the Wolverines opened the season without Jim Harbaugh.

When it comes to the tributes for the suspended head coach, Barrie felt the entire scene was a bit over the top, to say the least.

“Let’s start with the absolute embarrassment that’s Michigan acting like Jim Harbaugh died. Can we stop with the moment, the I-formation, the 4’s up in the air? Look, 3-game suspension for allegedly fibbing to the NCAA, let’s stop acting like the guy’s in the hospital waiting to break out and coach,” said Barrie.

Finebaum echoed a similar sentiment, pointing out that the suspension is technically not an NCAA issue at this point in time. Instead, it was a self-imposed deal by Michigan leadership.

“This isn’t a case where the NCAA forbid a star from North Carolina or LSU from playing a game. This was agreed upon, this was self-imposed,” Finebaum said. “Michigan fans I realize, you live in a different world up there in southern Canada, but the point being: Talk to your athletic director, talk to your president, those are the cats that came up with that idea.”

Barrie circled back to JJ McCarthy’s warm-up shirt in the segment, saying the bit was getting funny by the time the postgame press conference was wrapped up.

“The ‘Free Harbaugh’ shirt that JJ McCarthy was wearing, like they had fun with it he and Blake Corum in the postgame press conference. But it was almost getting funny,” Barrie explained. “It was like we were doing a fundraiser for Harbaugh that you just didn’t know that he was okay. Like the man’s sitting at home watching the game, we’re good.”

“That might not be a bad idea in the future, just leave Jim Harbaugh at home on Saturdays,” Finebaum quipped at the very end.